Harold Hammond and Tucker Bispham began homesteading 320 acres of high plane meadows at the base of the Grand Teton Mountain Range in 1913.  The ranch began to accept guests in 1919 and terminated operations in 1985 upon the death of Frank Galey, the last owner/operator.  Its reputation was well known and widespread attracting guests from across the country and several countries.  This historic ranch was placed on the National Register of Historic Places in 1990.  Since then, the need to collect, protect and preserve the history of the White Grass Ranch has became all the more important.

The strength and diversity of the White Grass Collection is due in large part to former dudes and wranglers, special friends, and others who have gifted original, historic pieces back to the ranch. As of 2019, the collection contained over 3,200 historic White Grass digital images/photos, over 15 videos, and over 70 hours of recorded oral history. The collection contains pieces of original White Grass furniture, saddles, and documents including ranch brochures and personal journals. These objects are all housed at the historic ranch and are viewable to the public upon appointment or request. The items placed on this web site are only representative of the larger White Grass Collection.

Do you have a piece of White Grass history that you’d like to “Come Home to White Grass?” For questions, suggestions or donations, Get Involved.

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